We Find Ways and Strategies To Elevate Your Brand

Hip Pocket Consulting offers marketing and advertising advice to businesses seeking to connect and engage with their community.

Need insights on innovative opportunities to outperform your competitors?  Let’s talk.  Armed with insight and conviction, your staff can execute our strategy or Hip Pocket will manage your project to completion.

What We Offer

Marketing Consultation

Who is your best prospect?  We can help you identify a particular market or audience segment to effectively boost your customer conversion rate. Branding will keep your name out there but if lead generation is a goal, we’ll put tools in place to track inquiries, visits, conversions and ROI.

Marketing Push

Running your business or department is a full-time effort leaving you little time to look ahead.  Hip Pocket Consulting can assist your team with a special project or promotion.  Whether it’s a B2B endeavor or consumer-focused, we’ll bring objectivity and energy to your table, providing the extra push to tap a new audience.

Advertising and Sponsorship

There are endless choices to promote your business.  Social media, digital, print, broadcast, outdoor plus face-to-face opportunities via event marketing and sales promotion. They all have their place.  Let’s tap into the right marketing mix for your needs, which will evolve over time.

Team Training

Establishing a good relationship with your team is key to bringing out the best ambassadors in them.  Are they a cohesive unit or do they each march to their own beat?  From sales training to team-building events, motivational speakers to cause marketing for social impact, let’s identify your why and inject some mojo.

Discover How We Can Help

You may have a simple question or want to set up a time to talk.

First consult is free and if there's work to be done, we'll discuss day rates, project fee or monthly retainer, whichever is most economical for you.